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Growing Your Career Beyond The Glass Ceiling with Elizabeth Pearson

Career coach Elizabeth Pearson shares how we can feel more fulfilled when we reach the top and find success, no matter where our passions lie.

40 Companies With 4 Day Workweeks And Remote Jobs

Think a remote job with a 4-day workweek is too good to be true? Think again. Here's a rundown on the companies hiring now.
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Weight Discrimination In The Workplace Is Real — And It Can Affect Your Salary

It’s time we started talking about weight discrimination as a bigger part of gender equity in the workforce.

Generation Alpha: Their Characteristics And What They Mean For The Workforce

Here’s a sneak peek into how the characteristics of Generation Alpha will impact the workforce a decade from now.

Should You Use A ChatGPT Resume?

Should you use a ChatGPT resume, or other AI platforms for help with landing your next job? Experts weigh in on the new rules of resumes.

What Are “Lazy Girl Jobs” And Should You Want One?

A look at what a lazy girl job really is — and whether or not you need one in your life and on your resume. 

Is The Term ‘Girl Boss’ Over? 

Calling out a woman as a 'girl boss' can be viewed as insulting and offensive, career experts say. It’s time to stop.
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Adopting An Abundance Mantra: Is It The Key To More Money?

Maybe you’ve had a mantra before, when meditating or doing yoga… but what about an abundance mantra? Here’s how to focus on your money goals.

From Quiet Quitting to a Job You Love

Feeling stuck in your career? Don't quiet quit. Instead, learn how to break free in this week’s HerMoney Podcast episode.

9 Essential Items to Get Your Family Through Quarantine

Safe, sane, entertained, healthy and happy — these are the must-have quarantine items for families under stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 lockdown.

How to Stick to a Budget When You Have SAD

Don’t let the winter blues put your finances in the red. Try these coping strategies to improve your state of mind and bottom line.

Take Back Your Time With Google’s Productivity Expert

Laura Mae Martin shares how to take back your time to ensure optimal creativity and productivity.

Speak Confidently In Any Room With Matt Abrahams

Matt Abrahams shares ways we can become better, more confident speakers whenever we’re handed the mic or given the floor.