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What Are “Lazy Girl Jobs” And Should You Want One?

A look at what a lazy girl job really is — and whether or not you need one in your life and on your resume. 

Is The Term ‘Girl Boss’ Over? 

Calling out a woman as a 'girl boss' can be viewed as insulting and offensive, career experts say. It’s time to stop.

Generation Alpha: Who They Are And What They Mean For The Workforce

Here’s a sneak peek into how the children of millennials and Generation X will impact the workforce a decade from now.

From Quiet Quitting to a Job You Love

Feeling stuck in your career? Don't quiet quit. Instead, learn how to break free in this week’s HerMoney Podcast episode.
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How to Create a Money Mantra Practice For Confidence And Abundance

Maybe you’ve had a mantra before, when meditating or doing yoga… but what about a money mantra? Here’s how to focus on your financial goals.

9 Essential Items to Get Your Family Through Quarantine

Safe, sane, entertained, healthy and happy — these are the must-have quarantine items for families under stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 lockdown.

How to Stick to a Budget When You Have SAD

Don’t let the winter blues put your finances in the red. Try these coping strategies to improve your state of mind and bottom line.