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From Blogger To Media Mogul With Sami Sage

Haley Paskalides  |  January 24, 2024

Sami Sage shares her journey from blogging in a dorm room with her best friends to selling Betches Media for millions.

While some may say 2023 may have been “the year of the girl,” we say, unapologetically, it was the year of the woman. Just take a look at Taylor Swift. In 2023, the term “Swiftonomics” was coined — because Swift generated significant revenue, tourism, and jobs in every city where she performed. One estimate says Swift single-handedly had a $5 billion impact on the global economy. She’s also been hailed as a feminist icon promoting fair living wages for her team, and doling out $100,000 bonuses to her trucking staff. Like many other incredible women, she owned her power in a new way, and the world took notice. 

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Betches Media took this concept — that ALL women should celebrate being powerful, and own our instincts to never back down — and they created a media empire out of it. Sami Sage, co-founder, and ​Chief Brand Officer of Betches Media joins us to talk about selling the brand, and why she’s not afraid to say that she cares about making and spending money in alignment with her goals. 

Betches Media  started in 2011 as “The Betch List,” a constantly-updated list created by three longtime friends and roommates that described the loves and hates of “any woman-identifying human ballsy enough to call herself a betch.” Fast forward 13 years, Betches Media is now the most influential female-focused humor brand on the market. 

Sage says this moment in time has illuminated for her that “there’s still such a strong misalignment between who is making the decisions about marketing budgets and what demographics are deemed important and how to approach them. And by that, I mean, women make more decisions about how more money is spent in this country than men do.”

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This is evident from the incredible popularity of the Betches brand and what it represents. Sage says when she co-created Betches Media, her team was “trying to satirize this generation and poke fun at it without hating it, but also without completely glorifying it.” The brand was recently acquired by LBG Media, and Sage has been open about the process of building and then selling a brand. She advises other founders to ask themselves the following questions before they enter into a negotiation to sell their business: “Do you feel that this is the right value? Do you feel that the back end of the deal is a value that makes sense with the people you’re selling to and will you live in alignment with that? Will you like this relationship and will it ultimately be good for the company?” 

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