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Everything You Need To Know For DIY Beauty in the Age of Coronavirus

Rebecca Cohen  |  June 12, 2020

What you shouldn’t attempt yourself, what you can ace yourself, and how to do it all. Hair, makeup, nails, eyelashes — we've got you covered.

As stay-at-home orders drag on nationwide, more of us may be noticing split ends, natural roots, and nails that look distinctly less glam than they usually do. 

So what’s everyone doing about it? Well, many of us aren’t waiting for salons to open. Instead, we’re looking for ways to keep up with those grooming processes we’ve come to know and love, all from the comfort of home. But before you Amazon Prime those barber scissors to trim your bangs, or start melting hot wax over the stove to remove those pesky upper lip hairs, take a deep breath and consider a few things. First — is it really necessary? If you’re not going anywhere, you absolutely have the option to wait until your favorite professionals are open for business… BUT if you want to do everything you can to stay beautiful in the Q, we’ve got you covered. 

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We checked in with makeup artist Meredith Hayman for answers to all our most pressing questions about all things at-home beauty. Here’s what she recommends.  


Test samples to find a new regimen. 

Let’s be honest. Most of us have tons of tiny tubes from hotels, makeup stores, and free gifts that we’ve just never tapped into. So while you’re spring cleaning, why not pull out these tubes and create micro-skin regimens for yourself. Mix and match the tubes to make sure you’re hitting all of the steps of your normal skincare regimen, just with new products. That’s what Hayman has been doing. Why does it work? It uses up what you already own, it allows you to try new products, and it costs you nothing. Win, win, win. 


Not sure if you noticed, but your face isn’t the only skin on your body that needs some quarantine love. Let’s talk hands. “Hydrating makes the biggest difference,” says Hayman. She suggests keeping a tube of hand lotion with you at your workstation and slathering some on every time you’re on a conference call. Remember to rub it into those cuticles for extra effect.

And while we’re on the topic, we can’t think of a better time for DIY face masks to shine. Head over to Pinterest and find one you love that works for your skin type. It’s as easy as mixing up some brown sugar and coconut oil, which you might have laying around anyway, says Hayman. Zero dollars for salon-level care. I’ll take it. 


Go for a natural look. 

Hello, makeup, my old friend. It’s simple: Mascara, brows, concealer, lip balm. That’s all you need to brighten up your features for the daily company video chat. You probably have these things in your makeup bag, so it won’t cost you anything  to beautify. 

Hayman recommends staying away from heavy face makeup during this time. Zoom has a “touch up appearance” feature that you can enable to soften your skin whenever you’re on a call. Oh, and when you’re logging on, be sure to set up next to a window. Natural light hides any imperfections, says Hayman, (which is why a ring light works oh-so-very-well). “Daylight is most flattering on everyone,” she says. “Think of how good you will look with mascara, a full brow, and lip balm to make your lips look healthy.” Plus — if you’re not wearing your face makeup, you won’t have to worry about ordering new products anytime soon.. 


Stick with the bare minimum. 

As in, no plucking, no trimming, no nothing. At all. Full brows are in right now. If they’re getting a little out of control, Hayman recommends spraying some hairspray on a clean mascara brush and setting them into place. 

With that said, if you see a stray that is nowhere near the shape of your brow (like, right between the eyes) it’s okay to pull it out — just DO NOT mess with the shape of your brows. Have we made ourselves clear? 


Try new products. 

If you’ve hopped on the eyelash extension trend, unfortunately, not getting refills anytime soon. Take this time to experiment with new mascaras you’ve had your eyes on, practice putting on false lashes, or even testing out those magnetic eyelashes you’ve seen all over the internet, suggests Hayman. But if you’re looking to save, just let them be. You’ll be back to your luscious lashes in no time.  

Whatever you do, don’t mess with your extensions. While you’re growing them out, remember not to pull them off. Instead, just let them grow until they fall off. If things are looking uneven, take caution and trim them. Just go slowly and use a magnifying mirror to be sure you’re not cutting your actual lashes. 


Give your nails a break. 

This can be a great time to give your nails the R&R they need. If you’re a gel-manicure junkie like myself, then your nails are likely very thin from constant manis. Once you get the polish off, lightly file your nails to whatever length is comfortable for you, throw on a clear coat of regular nail polish, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, says Hayman. You’re doing more dishes than normal, you’re working around the house. Your nails need all the moisture they can get. 


It’s time to show your tootsies some love. 

Summer is here, which means when we finally do get out, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of everyone’s feet than we normally would. So now’s the time to do that foot mask that sheds its results in three days, or to treat yourself to the at-home pedicure that you definitely need, says Hayman. Pro tip: when you’re locking yourself in your bathroom to hide from your kids, soak your feet in the tub while you scroll through Instagram. 


Please don’t cut your own hair. 

The question we’ve all been asking: “Can I cut my hair at home?” Hayman’s answer is a hard no. No trims, no bangs, no nothing. Even the Wall Street Journal warned of at-home haircuts. 

But dyeing your hair is another story… 

Hayman says she is absolutely pro-root touch ups and single process colors. She recommends taking advantage of the many hairdressers that are offering to custom-mix your color and drop it off at your house with a list of instructions. Just be sure to do the deed in the garage or somewhere else where you don’t care about the wallpaper or the grout or the hardwood floors because things can get messy. If you’re someone who has had trouble embracing your grays, paying for an at-home color kit is definitely worth it. 

Just don’t play with highlights. 

If you have highlighted hair, do not grab the bleach and try to replicate what you get in the salon. In the Q, Hayman recommends sticking with only one-step color and a color close to your own. Now is not the time to be drastic. 


Don’t rush out to your appointments. 

We’re all wondering what life will look like when we’re allowed out of our homes, and how soon the world will return to “normal” — if ever. Hayman notes that while heading to the hair salon is okay since the stylist is behind you and only touching your hair, going to get eyelash fillers or an eyebrow wax (where you’ll be in close contact with another person) might not be something you want to rush to do until we know we’re in a safer state. 

Take these tips and apply them to your real life post-quarantine. Everyone will be embracing the natural look for some time, which could end up being the most-welcomed beauty trend we’ve seen in quite some time. 

 Bottom line: You’re gorgeous. But if you want to pamper yourself a little, go for it. 

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