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The Ten Best Money Saving Apps For 2024

Anna Davies  |  February 9, 2024

We love these 10 apps that make money saving automatic, so you can devote that mental space to other financial goals!

If motivation were all it took to save money, we would all have pretty healthy bank accounts. But often, it’s more than just wanting to save money — it’s coming up with a strategy to make it happen. That’s why we love these money saving apps that make the process automatic.

When you don’t have to think about how and when to stash away money, you can devote that mental space to other parts of your financial picture — like making sure your 401(k) is maxed out or that you’re on track to buy a house.

Consider adding these money saving apps to your own personal savings strategy arsenal.


Are you a fan of the old school envelope budgeting system (aka the new TikTok famous “cash stuffing” method)? Essentially, GoodBudget allows you to digitally allocate your funds into different “envelopes” each month to stay on budget. You can also use the app to help you save money, track spending and pay down debt. Plus, if you share finances with a partner or child, the app can be downloaded all members of your household, so everyone has visibility into (and can contribute to!) the family budget, and can see exactly how much is being spent on things like like groceries and gas. Available on iOS and Android, free; $6/month or $50/annually for the plus version.)


Truth: Almost every single online retailer has promotion codes running at any given time. Other truth: When you’re rushing through an online purchase, scouring the internet for codes to apply to your order can be time-consuming. That’s why we’re in love with Honey, an extension that automatically chooses the best promo code and applies it to your order at checkout. No, this app won’t technically help you put more money into your bank account like a lot of other budgeting apps, but it will help you save on purchases from your favorite online retailers, which we think is pretty awesome. (Available on iOS and Android, or as a Chrome extension, free.)


Oportun tracks your spending habits and helps you save small amounts of money each day without even noticing it, by rounding your purchases up to the nearest dollar. Essentially, it lets you sock away cash into savings each day seamlessly. You can withdraw the cash at any time, but the whole idea centers around the fact that you won’t miss the money, and your savings will be on autopilot… The result? A sweet pile of savings. (Available on iOS and Android, start with a free trial, $2.99 a month after that.)


Acorns rounds up the spare change from your debit or credit card purchases and invests the money in a diversified portfolio. Of course, it won’t substitute for your 401(k) or Roth IRA, but this app can get you comfortable with the idea of investing and seeing how the market works in real time. Plus, small amounts add up quickly, and you can withdraw your money at any time. (Available on iOS and Android, $1 to $3 per month.)

Monarch Money

Monarch Money allows you to view everything happening across all of your accounts, and even generate customized reports to see how you’re spending, and find out if you’re on track to meet all your savings goals. Monarch is also specially designed for couples to share finances. You and your partner can sync all of your bank accounts into one place and view joint reports on how you’re progressing towards all those big life goals. (Ahem, like retirement!) (Available on iOS and Android, free.)

Rocket Money

Rocket Money not only helps you keep track of your monthly bills and manage (and cancel) all those unwanted subscriptions, it also allows you to monitor your credit score and track your net worth. There’s also an option to let Rocket Money negotiate on your behalf if you’re looking to lower your monthly bills. Advertised as the ultimate “financial control center” there’s a reason why Rocket Money has more than 5 million users. (Available on iOS and Android, free.)

Key Ring

Nothing is worse than buying groceries or drugstore supplies based on an amazing in-store offer only to realize that you left your loyalty key card at home. Key Ring eliminates that stomach-sinking feeling by keeping your loyalty cards all in one place – and alerting you of nearby deals. (Available on iOS and Android, free.)


Qapital allows you to create your own “savings rules,” where you could opt to have all of your debit card purchases rounded up to the nearest dollar and then put that money into your savings account automatically. (Essentially, if that soup for lunch was $7.15, the 0.85 that’s left over goes straight into savings without you even having to think about it.)


Perhaps the ultimate trading app (for finance bros and literally everyone) Robinhood offers commission-free trading and enables users to invest with as little as $1 if you’re just getting started. Also, in 2024, paid members of the platform can earn up to 5% on their uninvested cash, but this comes with a $5 monthly fee after a 30-day free trial. Also, if you’re into crypto (or just exploring the cryptocurrency world) the 0% commissions also applies to crypto. While Robinhood isn’t an app that’s going to directly put money into your checking or savings account, if you’re currently paying fees to trade stocks, the Robinhood platform could help you save a bundle. (Available on iOS and Android, free.)


Do you ever find yourself agonizing over exactly how to split the birthday dinner bill with friends? What do you do when it comes time to share the rent with your roommates? Splitwise may be the answer. Billed as the “easiest way to share expenses with friends and family and stop stressing about ‘who owes who,’ Splitwise is used to help coordinate group payments for bills for everything from weekend getaways to grocery bills. Not only can Splitwise help you keep track of exactly who owes what, it also eliminates the need to send awkward texts reminding people of what they owe — with just one tap, Splitwise sends an automatic reminder through the app, so it’s not personal, it’s just business.  (Available on iOS and Android, free.)


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