Things We’ll Never Rent Again In A Post-COVID-19 World 

Christine Burke  |  July 6, 2020

Our comfort level with other people’s things may have been permanently altered. Here’s a look at rental items we may never be bringing home again.

Over the last six months, the coronavirus has changed the world — but just how many of those changes will be permanent and how many of them will be temporary remains to be seen. 

For example, our shopping and spending habits have changed drastically, and many retailers have been struggling to keep up and evolve with the changing demand. And there are some things — like online consultations and business travel — that experts have predicted may never get back to “normal.” 

But what about rentals? What items will we be willing to rent again once the virus is over, and what are items that we might now want to purchase outright, or avoid using altogether because our purchasing behavior (and possibly our comfort level with other people’s things) has been permanently altered? 

Think about how many things you rent in a year — Beach houses. Formal clothing. RV/motor homes. Cars. Sports equipment for kids… The list goes on and on. We checked in with the women of the private HerMoney Facebook group to find out what they’ll be willing to rent again, and what they won’t. Here’s what they had to say. 

Will NOT Rent Again 

Carpet Cleaning Machines 

Diane R. says: “Really want to clean my carpets, but don’t want to bring someone else’s ick into my house!” 


Olivia H. says: “I used clothing rental a ton before, for work clothes. I don’t expect to use it again, but that’s less because of worry of the virus itself and more because I think even after this is over, I (like many others) will be continuing to work primarily from home.” 

Gym Equipment (Though technically not a “rental” per se, it’s still communal!) 

Julie L. says: “Bought a rower and a spin bike. Won’t go back to a gym for a VERY long time.” 

Kimberly A agrees: “Just printed my cancellation notice to send in.” 

Will Rent Again 

Beach Houses 

Rebecca G. says: “I have trust that the virus eventually dies on surfaces. I’d rent nearly everything if I can let it sit untouched for at least 72 hours. Our beach rental we’ve put in a 24 time between renters with maid service. It’s getting bookings all summer. Nobody is even asking us questions. We will go down again only after the last renter then maid then 72+ hours then we will go down and re-clean immediately.” 

Heather M. agrees: “I plan on still using vacation rentals. To me it feels safer than all the traffic in and out of hotels and I preferred rental houses previously.” 


Rebecca J. says: “I rarely rented anything before the pandemic. Maybe once or twice a decade I would rent a car. I would still do that if I traveled on an airplane, but I won’t do that until there is a vaccine.” 

Betsy S. agrees: “I will still rent cars on vacation.”

Library Books (Again, technically not a rental, but you get the general idea.) 

Dayspring C. says: “Library books. I’ll disinfect and have them sit for a while before reading.” 

And for those of you wondering about the safety of library books, another of our group members, Kimberly S., chimed in: “I work for a library. We disinfect the books when returned, then we quarantine them for 72 hours before we recirculate back to the public.” She says that while every library system is different, her library is following American Library Association standards.” 

Maid Service 

Mimi K. says she’s still happy to have someone come in for cleaning. 


Mimi K. & Louise B. say these summer rentals will continue for them. 

Musical Instruments & Tools 

Kimberly G. says: “All we rent a band instrument. We will continue, because French horns are expensive. We consider tool rental but ask family first.” 

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