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Bring Your Whole Self To Work With Maeve DuVally

Haley Paskalides  |  October 18, 2023

Maeve DuVally came out as trans in corporate America and now she’s advocating for everyone to bring their full selves to the workplace.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (or DEI) has been a big topic of conversation, particularly workplace conversation, over the past few years. DEI efforts stand to make our workplaces more inclusive, more welcoming, and more equitable for all. According to research from PEW, women (you guessed it) are more likely than men to value DEI at work, and people under 30 are the most likely age group to say a focus on DEI is a good thing. More recently though, there’s been chatter that for some companies, DEI efforts are only a facade to make their workplaces look better — without really putting much effort into making the changes that matter. 

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Maeve DuVally is on a mission to ensure DEI efforts are actually changing the face of corporate America — and to be a mentor for trans employees in the workplace. DuVally lived through workplace challenges herself at a place notorious for not being an easy place for women to work — Wall Street. She spent nearly 20 years at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch and details her coming out story in her new book, Maeve Rising: Coming Out Trans in Corporate America. Listen in to hear her advice for anyone who wants to bring their full selves to the workplace, how to be a good ally, and why she fully believes in DEI initiatives.  

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Maeve says it was no accident that she discovered she was transgender after she got sober in 2018. “Without sobriety, I would not know who I am,” she says “And I could look at it from another perspective, that I was always there, but the fact I was drinking prevented me from discovering who I was. So, 2018 was a pivotal year for me. It changed my life in many ways, and it set me on a new path.”

While she immediately came out in her social circles, she said it took her more time to come out at work. At the time, she was a Managing Director in the communications department at Goldman Sachs. She first went to the human resources department at Goldman, and they came up with a to-do list for her, which included telling people in advance and letting reporters know. In May 2019, she came to work as Maeve for the first time: “It was probably the best day of my life,” she says, “Of course, I had anxiety because I didn’t know what was going to happen that day. My co-workers accepted me. They encouraged me. They supported me.”

For people who are wondering how to best support an LGBTQ+ colleague, Maeve DuVally says the best thing to do is ask questions and then, “once you’re comfortable being an ally, support whoever it is you’re being an ally to. When you see bad behavior, call it out.”

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