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8 Lesbian, Trans & Queer-Owned Brands To Support During Pride Month (And Always!)

Lindsay Tigar  |  June 1, 2021

Looking for a gift or a treat? Check out these lesbian-owned brands to support during Pride Month that sell everything from coffee to home goods.

This June, celebrate Pride and support LGBTQ communities with your shopping power by supporting these businesses during Pride Month. Simply buying goods from lesbian, trans or queer-owned companies helps drive change and spread messages of equality and inclusivity. The businesses we’ve profiled here are welcoming to all, and run by LGBTQ entrepreneurs. The next time you’re looking for something beautiful, snag something extraordinary from these eight companies: 


This Los Angeles-based home and apparel brand was founded in 2017 by Lindsay Rose Medoff. In addition to running Suay Sew Shop, you might recognize Medoff as the designer and producer behind Patagonia’s ReCrafted Collection, 100% made from post-customer, unrepairable garments. As a leader in her industry, Medoff is vocal about being a gay-owned business that has diverted an impressive 500,000 pounds of garments from landfills by repairing and reimaging clothes and goods. 

Try this: Suay Deadstock Linen Tea Towel Set ($32; sualya.com

Pals Socks

After becoming a new mom, Hannah Lavon was inspired to create her company, Pal Socks, to encourage kids to discuss inclusivity. Rather than matching socks, all Pal Socks feature two different designs, a nod to celebrating differences. Think: Sushi & Soy Sauce, Cow & Pig, and so on. Her goal is to raise and inspire a new generation to be more open and accepting of all.

Try this: PalSocks (Starting at $9.99; palsocks.com)

Fempower Beauty

The founders of this company are partners in business and in life. Through their luxury product line, they’re creating conversations about sexuality, identity, culture, race, gender, and more. Their messaging, packaging and their online personas all work to advocate for all people who are underserved and underrepresented.

Try this: Genesis Kit ($100; fempowerbeauty.com)


For many people with a non-binary identity, clothing can often feel overtly female or male, and finding gender-neutral attire is often an uphill battle, both logistically and emotionally. That’s where Emma Mcilroy saw an opportunity to fill a much-needed void. Her feminist line of apparel is meant to empower others to live freely and boldly and be exactly who they are. What a great way to support during Pride Month. 

Try this: The Essential Coverall ($188; wildfang.com)

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters

Before starting her coffee roasting business, Taylor Fields was a CPA. But after visiting one-too-many ‘fancy’ coffee shops throughout her career, she decided it was time to create her own business that could get coffee back to basics. She quit her job and turned her passion project into reality with her company Nostalgia Coffee Roasters, an inclusive place to brew for all.

Try this: Memory Lane Coffee Beans by Nostalgia Coffee Roasters ($20; nostalgiacoffeeroasters.com)

Wreck Beach Spirits

What happens when you date someone and it doesn’t work out, but you still want to run a business together? Wreck Beach Spirits! Founder Alana Thompson and CEO Emily Dewbury met online and started a relationship that ended in a break-up. However, they still decided to run their boozy business together. The fun ice pops from their company will help keep you cool + inclusive all summer long.

Try this: Wreck Beach Boozie Freezie ($13; wreckbeachspirits.com)


We all have foods from childhood that bring back happy memories. However, they may not be the healthiest choices for us as adults. This is where Jen Martin sought to create a new kind of snack with better ingredients that still offers the same crunch you crave. Not only was Pipcorn backed by Barabra Corcoran on ‘Shark Tank’, but it was also listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. 

Try this: Pipcorn Heirloom Crunchies ($16; pipsnacks.com)

House of Dear

After creating the #1 salon in Dallas, Texas, House of Dear owner Holly Dear decided to launch her own line of hair care products. She’s a master hair artist whose products offer clean ingredients and the best solution for many hair types. 

Try this: House of Dear Resurrecting Balm ($48; houseofdear.com)


When Sara Berks founded her home goods brand, MINNA, she wanted to root it in traditional craft techniques. You won’t find any mass production involved with her products. Rather than assembly-line style production, she works with artisans in Central and South America for one-of-a-kind handmade goods. Not only does this result in beautiful pieces, it also provides much-needed jobs in these regions of the world. It’s the perfect gift, and a perfect way to support this Pride Month.

Try this: Cartographer Pillow Original ($190; minna-goods.com)

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