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Share These Money Mantras Around The Thanksgiving Table So You Don’t Have To Fight About Politics 

Rebecca Cohen  |  November 9, 2020

A look at some of our favorite money mantras that have guided us through 2020, and why you should roll them out at dinner instead of politics.

First things first. Here at HerMoney, we know how important it is to follow the current political climate, and how these country-wide choices can impact all of our wallets. We love hearing how politically-active our community members are and appreciate all of those who follow the facts. But, in an attempt to have a peaceful holiday, we wanted to take the opportunity to steer the conversation toward some of the larger lessons that we can carry with us — election season or not. Some of those money mantras that always hold true, no matter who is holding the nation’s highest office. 

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Pam S. is using this political climate to focus on her favorite piece of money advice — “follow the money.” “When you do, so many questions get answered,” she says. And Kim S. agrees — “Our daughters should not see us getting weary and tired over something like politics. Life can be way harder than a presidential election. Stay strong and engaged (but not hateful),” she offers. 

Elizabeth G. is taking a more traditional approach. Her family won’t be having a Thanksgiving table, but she is focusing on what she is thankful for, even in this crazy year. She wants the conversation to be uplifting this holiday season.

Shilpa U. is keeping it simple. Her money mantra? “Save, save, save!” 

Margarita L. is all about savings, too. “Have enough savings for 3 months of living expenses,” she says. No matter what. 

Addy A. has always liked “you can go broke saving money.” Our founder, Jean Chatzky, lives by this rule too — you’re not saving by buying something on sale that you wouldn’t have bought anyway. This is something important to remember all the time, especially in 2020 when things have been tight… And EVERYTHING has been on sale. 

Rachel I. tends to live by the philosophy of “pay yourself first.” She adds that her grandfather used to say, “always keep a dollar in your pocket and you’ll never be broke.”

Megan C.’s favorite money mantra is “don’t spend what you can’t afford.”

Karen P. has several friends who have recently retired but really are just going to their “second act,” AKA a new career, a new chapter in their lives. Around her table, she wants to have the conversation about what everyone would like their second act to be. 

And finally, Emma K. offers up more of a general mantra to live by — “if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no!”

Try some of these out around your table, and let us know how they go over. Happy holidays! 


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